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Product of the Week: Océ ColorStream 3500

This unit offers a way into digital colour, whether as a stepping stone or standalone, discovers Jon Severs

Product of the Week: Kisun KDC 13 RTF

This compact coater may offer Korean manufacturer Kisus a way into western markets, finds Barney Cox

Product of the Week: Pantone Capsure

Appearance modelling brings the benefits of colour matching to a whole new field of potential applications, finds Barney Cox

Product of the Week: Redline RL-2100N

This range of die-cutters was designed to offer a better user experience as well as being able to handle a bigger sheet size, discovers Adam Hooker

Product of the Week: Fujipla Pluster 3311

Automating the finishing end of the print business may have been slow to take off, but this laminator shows how it can be done, discovers Barney Cox

Product of the Week: HP Scitex LX800

The green credentials of HP's latex machine make a compelling case, especially when you look at the quality, says Barney Cox

Product of the week: Atlantic Zeiser Gamma 70

Fespa exhibitions are normally thought of as being exclusively wide-format events, and even the most Lilliputian printer wouldn't describe something with a maximum print width of 70.5mm as wide-format. So you might question the wisdom of Atlantic Zeiser taking the wraps off its latest machine, the Gamma 70, at Fespa Digital in Amsterdam last year, and again showing it at Fespa Munich in June.

Product of the week: Xerox Colour 550/560

If you took boxing as your guide, you would class Xerox's latest digital printer, the 550/560, as a featherweight or bantamweight as it sits below standard 'lightweight' production models.

Product of the week: X-Rite PrintCheck

Colour standards, in particular ISO 12647-2, are increasingly important as the print supply chain seeks to improve consistency and take costs out of the production process. As a result, a number of tools have sprung up to support the standard in recent years.

Product of the week: Apple iPad

Is it a book? Is it a phone? No, it's a super gadget - Apple's iPad, the most hyped tech product of 2010.

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