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Kom? Delta

While the name change may confuse some, this laminator is still a good choice for printers looking to add to their finishing options, finds Barney Cox

GMG ColorServer

Colour is a notoriously tricky area to get right, says Barney Cox, but GMG's ColorServer has managed to iron out many of the usual inconsistencies

Ryobi 525GE

The Japanese manufacturer is pitching this B3 press at printers who don't have the floor space for the larger GX, finds Barney Cox

DDS Accura

This MIS has enjoyed long-lasting success due to its simplicity and cost-effectiveness, finds Barney Cox

Znd G3

With a wide range of cutting tools and a modular design, this cutting table is designed to meet the needs of almost any printer, finds Barney Cox

Kodak Versamark VL series

To compete with its drop-on-demand inkjet rivals, Kodak used its expertise to launch the VL range, says Barney Cox

Colyer Printstorm

This hard copy proofing system cuts costs and proves that digital output can be both colour accurate and consistent, discovers Barney Cox

Roland Soljet Pro III XC-540MT

Marking a significant development in digital, the flexibility of this machine makes it an instant classic, says Barney Cox

Duplo Digital System 5000 Pro

Launched to handle mono pages and colour covers, these machines are now challenging offset units, says Barney Cox


This photo product platform can open up lucrative opportunities in the digital market, says Barney Cox

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