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Star product: Graph-Tech MonoCube

A compact and click charge-free high-speed book press

Star product: SAI PhotoPrint Cloud

Latest version puts wide-format controls in the cloud

Star product: Smart-binder Plus HS

A binder designed to complement high-speed digital presses

Star product: HP Latex 3000

Latex quality at high speeds, promises the manufacturer

Star product: Mondi DNS Enhanced Color Inkjet

A halfway house between uncoated and full coated papers

Star product: NewBind Prima

Smaller printer can move into PUR binding with this sub-20k closed-tank machine

Star product: EFI Jetrion 4900M and ML

Digital label production line with a range of optional extras

Star product: FFEI RealPro Toolkit

This software suite is intended to extend the packaging and label design functions and production capability of Adobe Illustrator

Star product: GPT 190s

A high-speed solvent machine at a price designed to appeal.

Star Product: Xerox Color J75 and C75

Xerox's latest launches offer high-speed colour for a range of applications.

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