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Tried & Tested: Morgana UFO

The curious name notwithstanding, the UFO proved popular among the mid-market level printers it was targeted at, finds Simon Creasey

Tried & Tested: Mitsubishi Diamond 3000

The high demand for this sheetfed offset press has given it a shining reputation, but can it live up to its name? Jon Severs investigates

Tried & Tested: Ricoh Pro 1356EX

Ricoh says this robust production system was a game-changer in terms of reliability and productivity. Simon Creasey takes a look under the hood

Tried & Tested: Manroland 500

Built on pre-existing, proven technology, Manroland says this press opened up a new world of production possibilities, finds Jon Severs

Tried & Tested: Agfa Acento

Initially developed to plug Agfa's thermal gap, this machine has won many fans, says Simon Creasey

Tried & Tested: Xerox DocuColor 5000

In 2006, Xerox cleverly bridged the gap between the glorified photocopier and seriously high-end kit with its affordable 5000, writes Jon Severs

Rotek pile turner

Finnish manufacturer Rotek has laid claim to being the first to turn pile turners into a must-have item on every factory floor. Pile turners were developed to turn the paper in mills, but printers quickly realised what an asset they would be on their own factory floor. Rotek started manufacturing machinery for the paper making industry in the 1970s, before shipping its equipment out to printing houses. The firm was acquired by Astek Engineering in January 2006,but the branding was kept.

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