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Books: sick as a parrot or a golden goal?

Book printing is, to steal a phrase, a game of two halves. Last week's big news proved that point: while CPI revealed plans to close colour book specialist Bath Press, its chief executive Mike Taylor simultaneously invested to secure the future of Suffolk-based monochrome bookprinter Clowes.

UK newsprint market set for big things

With Aylesford Newsprints board giving the go-ahead to investigate the possibility of a new paper machine, it seems UK newsprint production could be on the up.

Small-format print has its niche cornered

Much of print has been getting supersized or going digital in recent years. So it was a refreshing change to see last week that MT Print in Darlington had kept its faith in the humble B3 sheetfed press and gone for a full, three-press revamp to its factory.

Point of purchase: penetrating the mindset of a shopper

Trying to get into the mind of a shopper and understand what makes them tick may sound like an area best left to psychologists. But SMP Group reckons its exactly the kind of area it should be getting into if the firm is to add value to its print.

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