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Print awaits results of the CWU 's potential boycott of DSA

Recent news of a possible CWU boycott of DSA has provoked strong reactions from print. Could there be fallout even the CWU hasn't considered?

What does 2013 hold in store for the UK printing industry?

We asked some of the top movers and shakers of British print to look deep into their crystal balls and make a forecast for the development of print in the year ahead - and carry out an autopsy of the year just passed

ING's withdrawal: how can print fill the void left behind?

The firm's decision to pull out of UK asset finance has left a gap in the print sector that could be worth around 170m. The question is: what now?

Newsfax won't be the last newspaper printer to go under

The fate of one newsprint giant tells a tale about the sector as a whole, a sector that needs radical restructuring to survive in the modern world

HMRC's latest reporting system could hide a nasty surprise

Real Time Information is HMRC's scheme to streamline tax and benefit payment, but a lack of publicity has left many businesses underprepared

Key to Ecolabel success lies with customers, claim printers

Approved by the European Commission, the EU Ecolabel has big potential, though scepticism lingers. Take-up, however, will likely be client-driven

Government must address failing apprenticeships system

A new report highlights what printers have known for years: the apprenticeship system is complicated and inaccessible for SMEs

'Mis-sold' IRSAs: Bully Banks takes on high-street lenders

A campaign group of SME business owners harmed by mis-sold IRSAs, Bully Banks, raises questions over the practice's effect on print. But what's next?

Royal Mail surcharges temporarily halted by DMA pressure

A bitter dispute between mailing houses and Royal Mail, over a sudden increase in reversion surcharges for envelopes that don't adhere to the latter's specification requirements, has ground to a temporary halt following intervention by the DMA.

High-profile Ipex withdrawals shock the industry

Shocked. Surprised. Disappointed. And these are some of the more upbeat reactions to HP's decision to pull out of Ipex 2014. The move has come as a body blow not just to event organiser Informa, but to the whole industry. Publicly, a brave face is being put on things - particularly from those who have committed to exhibiting: the show must and will go on, with or without its largest exhibitor.

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