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Sujille Colour Printers: A print firm in God's own country

The PrintWeek India team visits Sujilee in the picture-perfect town of Kollam (between Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi) and understands how the plant provides five-star service to buyers in the state

Vishwakala paves the print path

Deepika Arwind spends time at the Bengaluru-based unit and finds out that the press is head ed by a man who is an innovator and a visionary who beleives in retaining all his print buyers.

Reprographic and Printing Services: Life and belief of a woman printer

Ramu Ramanathan spends time at an unusual firm and finds out how the foundation was laid down by the indefatigable JP Vasandani and what printing means to Shobha Subramaniam.

Pragati Graphics: Vaulting forward into the future

The board of directors have invested in a healthy mix of technology to keep up with the changing times - to keep this Indore-based packaging unit ahead of its competitors, says Sachin Shardul

Cool trends define Ramya's progress

Most printers assume that success is to do with only volumes, but for this Bengaluru-based print specialist, it is also infrastructure, machinery and dedicated professionals. Deepika Arwind finds out

Small printers are beautiful and formidable

In the last two editions, award winning work had been applauded by the print buyers. International Print O Pac published an ad in mainstream newspapers and Manipal Press and Silverpoint Press showcased their achievements to their customers at two separate receptions.

Profile: Patna Offset - Rich future for a print firm in Bihar

A resurgent Bihar has a conducive ambience for business. This is one of the main reasons, Patna's leading print firm has opted for a Rs 45-crore three-phased expansion plan, says Alok Singh

Marriages are created in heaven but they are designed by Meena Agencies

Ramu Ramanathan looks at how print trends are shifting due to the changes in the wedding market

Silverpoint Press broadens its appeal with a touch of print showmanship

PrintWeek India, April 7 - Ramu Ramanathan documents the trajectory of a printing company that has carefully created its brand, bit by bit over the past few decades

A mix of branding and tradition boosts sales of the world's largest calmanac

PrintWeek India - The Salgaokars ensure that Kalnirnay retains its strategic advantage in a competitive market-place, as Ramu Ramanathan finds out

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