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Me & my... Xerox 770 Digital Color Press

Louise Hodge and her husband Simon, co-owners of self-styled 'single-source marketing agency' Fidelity Solutions, are in a fortunate position. While printers across the country are rushing out to buy in design skills to increase margins with some added-value service, the Hodges have the advantage of coming from a design background to begin with, so the skills are already in place.

Me & my: Duplo DC 745

It's fair to say that most children of around the age of five are not the greatest artists the world has seen. Houses tend to look like they are suffering heavy subsidence, people are bloated around the middle yet have limbs thinner than value wrapping paper and the colour scheme can be, well, experimental. Yet mothers and fathers dutifully stick these 'pictures' on the fridge and expect visitors to find some words of praise.

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