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Can paper replace fantastic plastic?

We’re just a month and a half into 2018 and the packaging industry’s sustainability agenda has been firmly set for the forthcoming year – and indeed beyond.

Spot the difference: cut out colours to cut costs

Brand owners have traditionally been very protective about their brand colours, and that’s understandable – consistent branding and high print quality reassure consumers that the product too will be consistent and of high quality.

New Heidelberg CEO sets out ambitious growth plan

Heidelberg's new chief executive Rainer Hundsdörfer has outlined a five-year plan that would see Heidelberg return to being the "high-growth and profitable lighthouse of the industry".

Clever chemists cook up special FX for value-add

Historically manufacturers used to unveil new ink ranges every three to five years. Often these inks were launched to great fanfare and would accompany a new piece of hardware. However, in recent years things have changed.

Konita shows one plate for all CTPs

A new chemistry-free plate that works in both thermal and conventional UV platesetters is being shown at Drupa.

Ultrachem unveils flexible fount solutions

Coatings and pressroom consumables manufacturer Ultrachem (Hall 3, E45) has launched a new range of UV washes and fount solutions that are also suitable for hybrid UV printing.

Recyl unveils NextWave anilox cleaning system

After three years of development, Recyl (Hall 11, C32) is using Drupa to launch its NextWave Ultrasonic Cleaning system for anilox rollers and unveil its new owners.

Has processless become the new normal?

When processless plate technology was originally introduced in the 2000s it was met with a healthy dose of scepticism from many people in the printing industry.

Atlantic unveils latest solvent inks

Atlantic Tech Services has launched a new range of wide-format solvent inks formulated to improve print quality, reduce annual ink-use costs and sharpen up the performance of printers.

Star product: Van Son VS3 offset ink

An easy to use general-purpose sheetfed offset range.

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