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First mechanised press takes Times to the next level

We live in a high-tempo world that demands information in volume and delivered at speed. And to satisfy the public’s insatiable appetite for news, over the years manufacturers have developed newspaper presses capable of producing dozens of copies per second.

Promise of a digital future proves difficult to deliver

More than two years have passed since Drupa 2012 saw the announcement of a whole raft of digital carton printing presses, but so far we have not seen any real signs of an impact on the packaging sector.

Value packaging: branching out needn’t break the bank

The development of hover boards and flying cars may not seem to have much in common with commercial printers taking on packaging printing, but there is a key similarity: for years all three have been mooted as being ‘just around the corner’ without ever quite materialising.

Pimp your press

You wouldn't put diesel in a Ferrari," argued Tottenham Hotspur FC manager Harry Redknapp earlier this month. The analogy is apt; his view was that Premier League footballers should avoid alcohol in order to prolong their careers. The Spurs boss could easily have been talking about a press; giving it the kind of care normally reserved for a high performance car will ensure that it doesn't behave as erratically as a drunken footballer after a night on the town.

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