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WF sector plays catch-up in web-to-print stakes

It is a truism that wide-format printers lag behind their commercial counterparts in the adoption of productivity software, such as workflow, colour management and MIS. And the same seems true with web-to-print software too.

Transporting files takes off with latest workflows

That’s the trouble with doing well. Excel at making some decent margins from a certain area of print, and it inevitably won’t be long before others are jumping on the bandwagon – and in the case of wide-format print, offering to wrap it too.

Post Script: Repro man brushes up his 'industry physique'

Celebrating the magnificence of the male form is an all too rare treat for Post Script, not least because our own physique is more mid-noughties Maradona than Michaelangelo's David.

The soft option

For many, the concept of soft proofing is daunting, but if you can get your head around the importance of colour management, you will discover it is not that hard, explains Simon Nias

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