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Me & my: Matrix Pneumatic MX-530P

The weekly food shop. Not most people’s favourite activity. And yet imagine how much more tiresome this weekly ritual of jostling peevishly with other people’s trolleys and blinkering five-year-olds to treats would be if supermarkets were cluttered with ripped and broken POS collateral.

Me & my: Heidelberg Eurobind Pro

A lot has happened at GPS Colour Graphics since Joseph Smith founded the business at 34 High Street, Belfast, back in 1797. The company has passed through the hands of several different families, been destroyed by fire and rebuilt, seen the introduction of mechanised typesetting and, more recently, achieved a fair few technological coups, such as owning the longest Xerox CP1000 in the UK and the world’s fourth MBO SRA0 folder.

Me & my: Schneider Senator 115H ‘CT’

For many 80s and 90s kids, the word ‘sticker’ is a very nostalgic one indeed. In a simpler pre-iPad age, stickers, whether football profiles heatedly traded in the playground, or those collected at tourist attractions and compiled in special commemorative sticker albums, held a unique, and strangely compelling appeal.

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