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Value packaging: branching out needn’t break the bank

The development of hover boards and flying cars may not seem to have much in common with commercial printers taking on packaging printing, but there is a key similarity: for years all three have been mooted as being ‘just around the corner’ without ever quite materialising.

Ipex 2014 prepares to take a fresh look at finishing

One message is coming through loud and clear ahead of Ipex – in the post-press arena, manufacturers are feeling decidedly bullish.

Ipex preview: post-press stand-by-stand

Your guide to the post-press exhibitors at this year's show.

The Power of Print

In-depth analysis on the print industry and its position as a marketing powerhouse

Push back the creative boundaries

Print may not have the 'geek appeal' of the latest digital multimedia toys, but from a creative point of view, the field has never been more exciting. Jo Francis examines some innovative examples

Technology Report: Finishing line is on the move

With the latest developments in digital print, finishing has moved into the mainstream, says Jo Francis

Rescue service for print's treasures

Preserving the knowledge of the past for generations to come fuels the passion behind this business

Cut-price finishing

Finding the money for a big investment is tough at the moment, but a relatively small spend on a piece of finishing kit could deliver a healthy return, finds Philip Chadwick

Second coming

An automated perfect binder with a high-end signature recognition system, barely two years old and 30% less than its original value. It sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Well, at the time of writing, this tempting offer was being advertised on used machinery service website PressXchange, alongside numerous other post-press machines promising major savings on brand new equivalents.

Buyers learn to connect direct

Many buyers are oblivious to the advantages that simple embellishments can bring to a piece of print, thanks mainly to the fact that the majority of them will never deal directly with the finishers who put the final touches to their work.

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