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Will latest UV techs lighten the load for commercial print?

If you believe the hype then new UV curing technology is, after dominating first Japan and latterly mainland Europe, about to revolutionise the UK sheetfed litho market.

Star product: Intec LCF215

Intec offers up a cost-effective tabletop label finishing system.

Business inspection: Top-drawer output for the chic set

The go-to print outlet for the upper-crust relies on traditional skills and discreet service.

Getting to grips with digital’s post-press requirements

Ripe Digital discovered the importance of finishing the hard way. “When we bought our press, an HP Indigo, we thought ‘that’s it, we’re printers now’,” says director Richard Penny of when the company, previously a repro house, branched out into digital fine art printing in 2005. “But that was just the start of it; finishing is important, as we’ve learned.”

Tinkerers in search of the eureka moment

Print’s best-known eureka moment came more than 550 years ago, when Johannes Gutenberg figured out a way to print books using moveable type and a press based on the sort of screw press used for making wine.

Me & my: Fastbind Casematic H46Pro

In early 2011, Midlands-based digital print outfit John E Wright detected a growing trend. The company, which is headquartered in Nottingham and operates seven offices in nearby locations, noticed increased demand for more creative binding styles for one-off projects.

Star product: Kolbus packaging line

A solution for re-shoring luxury packaging.

Coatings build up a resistance in fight against infection

Feeling a bit peaky? You’re not alone. Post Christmas partying and indulgence, the nation’s immune system is collectively down, meaning winter flu, cold and stomach bugs are hard to avoid.

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