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Me & my: Agfa Advantage N-DL

Many print companies that run a fleet of machinery from the same manufacturer are likely to cite benefits including consistent quality across the business, proven reliability, the ability to easily transfer jobs from one machine to another, and strong relationships with the supplier among reasons for returning time and time again.

Me & my: Kodak Electra Max

Mark Graham knew years ago that he had a problem. The pre-production manager at print and packaging giant Multi Packaging Solutions’ (MPS) Newcastle Upon Tyne site was using baked plates and the process was costing him a fortune to keep up.

Me & my: Xeikon ThermoflexX 30

When Mission Labels made the great leap from film to CTP it made a bigger jump into the unknown. “Changing from analogue film setting to CTP for digital flexo plates is one of the most daunting moves for any printer,” explains technical director Dave Humphrey.

Me & my: Heidelberg Suprasetter A75

"We specialise in everything we get our hands on,” says Marstan Press pre-press manager Adam Curtis.

Me & my: Kodak Sonora XP

Despite the fact the technology has been around since the mid-1990s, going processless is still, for many printers, a leap of faith. For Harrow-based Imega Print Group it was no different; joint managing directors Lynn Tosh and Ken Varnham admit to having had “reservations” about the technology, prior to making the switch in late 2013.

Me & my: Fuji Brillia plates, PlateRite platesetter and processor

For many printers, beta testing a prospective bit of kit is something akin to a Top Gear challenge. The kit is put through its paces on all sorts of different jobs, the data’s crunched and pored over, with the company’s top techy whizzes scrutinising its every move.

Me & my... Screen PlateRite HD 8900S platesetter

To say that environmental issues are a high priority at Newnorth is something of an understatement.

Me & My... Cobra-2E platesetter

With the cost of consumables on the rise, CTP offered the Pelican Trust cost savings while cutting makeready time and increasing quality

Me & My... Agfa Avalon N4

In picking a new platesetter, Emtone's managing director felt that quality and sustainability were as important as upping throughput

Agfa Acento

Crown Litho managing director Bob Avery enjoys the Acento's high-quality platemaking abilities coupled with its eco-friendliness.

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