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Overmatter: Moan management

Overmatter’s tea was on the screen after happening upon a hilarious LinkedIn post from Rapidity managing director Paul Manning, who’s recruiting a new production manager for the firm’s recently-acquired facility in Sidcup.

Overmatter: overboard

Overmatter has heard about a few printing industry folk performing heroics over the years in order to extricate clients from sticky spots.

Overmatter: island life

Overmatter has been informed that quite a few people are apparently glued to the telly at the moment, gripped by the goings-on at a place called Love Island, where one of the industry’s very own (well sort of) can be found cavorting among the bodies beautiful.

Overmatter: Wales hits the wall

Overmatter is delighted to hear news of Welsh printing industry folk doing good work in the name of a good cause.

Overmatter: Outta bouts

What new form of print punch-up is this?

Overmatter: pedal power

The pedal-power of Park Communications directors Alison Branch and Heath Mason has paid off – the duo raised more than £8,000 in their recent charity cycle ride from London to Amsterdam.

Overmatter: runners' world

We are in awe of the printiverse folk who completed the 2015 London Marathon.

Overmatter: Skype silliness

Being able to laugh at yourself is a key life skill, and Overmatter is happy to report that some of the industry’s big bosses are able to do just that.

Overmatter: Eccles cake decoration

Overmatter might have known that when it came to his recent nuptials, PrintWeek contributor Simon Eccles would have something special and print-related up his sleeve.

Overmatter: double denim daredevils

Overmatter is not a fervent follower of fashion. It’s all just too confusing.

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