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Overmatter: sock it to them

Overmatter is well aware that the trend for all things personalised shows no sign of abating. You only need to read the Briefing article on page eight of this very issue to see evidence of that.

Overmatter: vote-losing print

Ah, a general election. Time for political parties of all persuasions to mess something up in printed form.

Overmatter: Massive Markup

Overmatter was left disconsolate after failing (so far at least) to be one of 50,000 lucky consumers to win a personalised pack of KitKat via the snack brand’s current promotion.

Overmatter: pop proposal

Ah, the romance of print. We’ve had proposals writ large on billboards, and writ small in newspaper classified ads.

Overmatter: The Daily Towel

Newspapers used to be described as ‘tomorrow’s chip paper’ back in the day when it was okay to repurpose this plentiful printed matter down at the local chippie.

Overmatter: Made with British rain

“When life sends you lemons, make lemonade” – a phrase beloved of every damn upbeat optimist around the globe. We have just learned of a new variant on this theme: “When life sends you Biblical weather, make weather-related gift items.”

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