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First Move completes personalised care catalogue

Providing aid equipment for people with disabilities is a highly nuanced undertaking, with every individual’s needs incredibly specific to themselves. Knowing this, it was important to supplier Complete Care that its latest catalogue reflect the diversity of its customer base.

Nestlé commissions the Ultimate personalisation job

Personalised packaging is all the rage at the moment, with Unilever, Coca-Cola and a multitude of others embracing the trend over the past couple of years. The latest to get involved, Nestlé’s KitKat, wanted to create something to trump the rest, and opted for Grimsby-based Ultimate Packaging to pull off the job.

DC Thomson Streams UK first with bespoke Broons

The Sunday Post newspaper ran a special £10,000 competition in a comic strip insert featuring the paper’s popular characters The Broons. Individual codes were printed in each of 210,000 copies of the Sunday Post’s supplement magazine iN10. As well as the codes, different endings to the story were printed for the 500 winners.

Killer app: Americk and Amberley brew up 57 tartan varieties

To coincide with last month’s Burns Night celebrations, Scottish drinks manufacturer AG Barr embarked on a £1m campaign to promote its Irn-Bru brand, which saw two-litre and 500ml bottles of the carbonated soft drink sold in limited edition packs decorated with 57 clan tartan designs that covered the top 100 most common Scottish surnames.

Killer app: LinkedIn UK marks 15m users with print freebies

What boasts 66 rocket scientists, 12,530 journalists, 59 body builders and five mermaids? Not a joke, but a few interesting facts on professional networking site LinkedIn’s UK membership.

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