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Sporting side of the print industry

The portrait of a printer as fun guy, who refuses to be bogged down by demanding customers, delay in payments, a production process and daily routines. Noel D'cunha and Krutika Mody find out

How do you keep your publisher content!

Suhani Singh speaks to Nishad R Deshmukh, the publisher at Career Publications

Budget Unravelled: Anand Limaye talks to print leaders in India

PrintWeek India, April 13 - Anand Limaye, editor of Print Bulletin and mentor to the Mumbai Mudrak Sangh as well as Maharashtra Mudran Parishad; interacts with top printers in the country in order to understand the impact of the Budget 2010

Enduring generations of change

PrintWeek India, March 31 - Pranav Parikh and Faheem Agboatwala find out how the Paas and Sons of three printing giants tackled succession in their family-owned printing businesses. Noel D'cunha reports

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