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Star product: Agfa Synaps OMF90

Agfa’s paper replacement with roots in the age of film can now be slipped into a wider range of applications with a new foldable variant.

Star product: JetStar/JetStar Royal

A high-quality uncoated paper for reel-fed inkjet presses.

Star product: Antalis Cocoon

A recycled grade with near-virgin whiteness.

Star product: Soyang SoDecor wallpaper

New material capitalises on burgeoning home decor trend.

Star product: Favini Crush

A creative paper for those with a taste for agricultural by-products.

Star product: Gmund Action

A paper to add seasonal sparkle to the most demanding job.

Star product: Phototex

A repositionable adhesive-backed fabric that leaves no mess.

Star product: Mirri foil laminated media

New substrate options for creating glitzy metallic effects.

Star product: Mondi DNS Enhanced Color Inkjet

A halfway house between uncoated and full coated papers

Star Product: Dufaylite Ultra Board

Brighter and less prone to fading than its predecessors, this honeycomb substrate is being tipped as a real alternative to foam board

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