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Paper cuts into polywrap’s dominance

Take-up of paper wrapping in favour of polywrapping by publishers is gathering pace with three major media groups opting to make switches, including venerable weekly Country Life moving to paper wrap for its subscriber copies.

Do consumers understand packaging?

As the end of 2018 comes into sight, it has been nearly a full year since the plastic packaging debate was famously thrust into view by David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II documentary series.

Merchants can advise as prices rise

Printers are bracing themselves for another wave of paper price rises, the fourth this year, which are set to come into effect next week.

Between a rock and a hard place

At the end of May UK paper merchants implemented a rise in the price of uncoated paper of between 5% and 7%, a move that followed across-the-board rises in paper at the beginning of the year by a similar amount.

Can the suppliers make the price increases stick this time?

Last autumn, as the UK print industry began to settle down after the initial uncertainty of the post-EU referendum era, the first reports of impending paper price increases began to trickle though. By the end of 2016, that trickle became a torrent as a whole host of manufacturers announced increases, largely set to come into force last week.

Innovators home in on desire for bling

The demand for luxury never really goes away but printers and associated industry sectors are getting increasingly excited about the growing opportunities in this space as the UK economy improves.

Print is still the consumer’s choice when it comes to reading

Independent research commissioned by paper pressure group Two Sides has revealed consumers much prefer to read news and magazine content, complicated information and bills in print rather than on screen.

Merchant’s collapse will have far-reaching consequences

Badly-handled acquisitions? Wrong strategy? Duff management? Structural changes in the marketplace? Declining demand for paper? Falling out with suppliers? Global business issues? Perhaps a combination of all of the above?

Shotgun wedding for European paper giants?

As mega-mergers go, the potential combination of UPM and Stora Enso's European paper assets is hard to top. The resulting entity would produce 16m tonnes of paper annually, control 40% of the European market and be, by some distance, the biggest producer of newsprint and magazine grades on the continent.

Volume drop doesn't tell whole story

The news that paper volumes are in almost free-fall decline, will come as no surprise to anyone.

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