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Overmatter: roll play

Chapeau to the team at Unite, which made the most of the wordplay opportunities after a dispute erupted at toilet paper and paper towel manufacturer Sidcot Group’s mill in Derbyshire.

Overmatter: toilet humour

With Christmas approaching fast, Overmatter is spending a considerable amount of time studying the backs of Christmas cards, and rolls of wrapping paper, for that all-important ‘Printed in UK’ detail.

Overmatter: mud runners

What do you get when you mix Antalis pink with brown? Lots of brown. Mud, in fact.

Overmatter: paper magic

Overmatter yearns for a minimalist lifestyle, despite existing in near-constant state of chaos.

Overmatter: blast from the past

Overmatter loves to take a trip down memory lane, hence PrintWeek’s inside back cover is always a must-read.

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