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New hue cues are influencing and driving colour fashions

When it comes to factors that determine and shape the colours used by brands, designers and manufacturers today, the catwalk has fallen out of fashion while social media is now the biggest influence, at least according to a new publication from papermaker James Cropper.

Merchants can advise as prices rise

Printers are bracing themselves for another wave of paper price rises, the fourth this year, which are set to come into effect next week.

Forecast worsening for paper supply

Earlier this month PrintWeek reported on the ‘perfect storm’ of global events that have tightened the supply of graphical papers and resulted in paper mills resorting to allocation for the first time since 2001.

Paper is on the up but support needed

Although it is hard to deny that the paper industry is going through a period of change, it remains an essential element of the economy.

Between a rock and a hard place

At the end of May UK paper merchants implemented a rise in the price of uncoated paper of between 5% and 7%, a move that followed across-the-board rises in paper at the beginning of the year by a similar amount.

Can the suppliers make the price increases stick this time?

Last autumn, as the UK print industry began to settle down after the initial uncertainty of the post-EU referendum era, the first reports of impending paper price increases began to trickle though. By the end of 2016, that trickle became a torrent as a whole host of manufacturers announced increases, largely set to come into force last week.

Education boosts perception of print

The paper industry is out to bust a myth: that it is imperilling the environment by destroying forests in order to boost profits.

One year on, what was the impact of Paperlinx’s collapse?

It was once the behemoth of paper merchanting with around 1,200 staff and almost 20 UK sites but 12 months ago, on, of all days, 1 April, the bulk of Paperlinx UK went into administration and the industry held its breath.

Is Carbon Balanced Paper here to stay?

Carbon Balanced Paper was reintroduced in the UK last month amid hopes that the scheme will be more successful this time around.

Teamed with comms tech, print can perform marketing magic

Near-field communication (NFC) has been primed to become ‘the next big thing’ in technology circles for a few years now and it has been pushed further into the mainstream over the past few weeks with the launch of Apple Pay and Barclaycard’s bPay developments.

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