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Ipex Exhibitor Speak: Give technology a push: say Avijit Mukherjee, NS Pradeep and Vishnu Kamat

PrintWeek India speaks to a cross-section of industry experts at Ipex, and solicits their views

Share to Benefit forum: Is the shift to outside Mumbai inevitable?

It's not easy operating in the city with escalating real estate and a squeeze on pricing and strife. So, is it time to vacate the famed industrial galas of Mumbai?, asks Samir Lukka

And whose grievance is this anyway?

The In Depth feature reflects on concerns facing print firms whose contracts are not honoured. It highlights the critical enablers that can ensure a clear understanding between printer and manufacturer.

EDITORIAL: "Time is apt for seminar on press consumables," says Noel D'cunha

The Indo German Conference on 4 to 5 March with its special focus on consumables and pressroom material is being hosted at the right time. When margins are tight, print firms view pressroom consumables...

'India is a crucible of label production' - A report by Harveer Sahni

Harveer Sahni, managing director of Weldon Celloplast, highlights the key players who are fast emerging as manufacturers for global label equipment and creating skills that propel growth

Indian label converters to grow in 2011

Label legend, Mike Fairley has a conversation with Ramu Ramanathan during LabelExpo 2010 about how demographics and lifestyle changes will ensure investments in 130 label presses.

The Dhote mantra for ease in printing

A printer cum CA, Uday Dhote has been interpreting the vagaries of doing business. He exemplifies the strengths and weaknesses of today's competitive milieu - and offers 11 practical tips

Wan-Ifra: The Newsroom Summit

The Newsroom Summit was condcuted for the first time in India at Wan-Ifra. It was held along side to the 18th annual conference of Wan-Ifra India 2010. A report by Alok Singh.

Expert views of a master printer: Pratap Kamat of Uma Offset

While some Mumbai printers might be ruing the current economic climate, for others the turbulent financial conditions spell opportunities. With more and more corporates slashing their operational budgets, the print buying department is often the first one to go. In a freewheeling conversation with Anand Limaye and Ramu Ramanathan, Pratap Kamat of Uma Offset says print firms require a new mindset to cope with the changes in the marketplace.

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