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The public perspective

Did you know that the UK’s printing industry still generates around £14.1bn of revenue each year? Or that it is a significant part of the fourth-largest manufacturing sector in the UK by turnover?

Forecasting the future fortunes of print tech

A new year, a new technology landscape, potentially, for printers to get their heads around. So what should printers be keeping their eyes on?

The sky's the limit

Compared to, say, the IT industry, it would be fair to say packaging evolves at a rather slow pace. Compare a Walkman from the 1980s with the iPod of today and then compare the packaging of those two products and you begin to see the different rates of progress.

Welcome to the 2013 Environment report

There's no doubt that, as much as some people would like you to think otherwise, the prime driver for greening up your business isn't always going to be the impact on our planet's health.

New Year predictions - Print & Procurement's Matthew Parker

Matthew Parker, director, Print & Procurement

Technology hasn't yet wiped print off the map: digital versus print maps

Digital innovations have threatened the A-Z, which seems unwieldy in comparison, but print's tactile qualities may save the day once again

A modern-day Gutenberg? We look at Benny Landa's latest technology

Dubbed as the print industry's Steve Jobs, or a modern-day Gutenberg, Benny Landa certainly knows how to create a buzz. His radical new digital printing method based on tiny particles became a huge talking point at Drupa, where he took the wraps off one of the industry's best-kept secrets: a whole new kind of printing.

New Year predictions - Heidelberg UK's Gerard Heanue

Gerard Heanue, managing director, Heidelberg UK

New Year predictions - BPIF's Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown, public affairs adviser, BPIF

New Year predictions - Fujifilm's Keith Dalton

Keith Dalton, managing director, Fujifilm UK

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