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Does PAS 2020 go far enough in giving DM a makeover?

The direct mail industry's unique environmental standard launched in January. Will it be enough to shake the sector's negative 'junk mail' image or could more be done to improve DM's environmental credentials?

Everybody's talking about... Credit insurance

Credit insurance is being withdrawn across the sector as insurance firms start to view printers as too risky. The move has made buying paper harder, with some merchants asking for money up front. Should printers be concerned?

30-second debate Are phoenix administration deals rising from the ashes?

Pre-packs are causing tension in the print industry. New guidelines aimed at making the process more transparent have come into force, but many firms are still dubious. Are pre-pack firms just phoenix companies in disguise?

30-second debate - Do big international print trade fairs have a future?

With the escalating cost of exhibiting and with more vendors announcing new equipment outside of big exhibitions such as Drupa, some say the days of the massive international trade fair are numbered .

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