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Brutal industry can also be beautiful - and a great ride

After seven years, my time on PrintWeek has come to an end. While I would never claim to have ink in my veins, I will always feel that I am part of this industry and so before I move on I would like to offer this, my 'reflections of a closet printer'.

Prevent your best asset from becoming your biggest pain

Recruitment is a little like public speaking, insofar as the people who genuinely enjoy it, generally seem to get the most out of it.

The power of print is best, whatever Google might say

Two Sides certainly knows how to pick a fight. No foe is too fearsome for the industry's crusader against greenwash to challenge - as evidenced by its open letter to Google's chief executive last week.

While not the best vintage, 2012 was still a decent year

For those that remember our first issue of 2012, which featured web offset job and capacity cuts, you could be forgiven for thinking that this year has ended almost exactly the same way it began - with very little to smile about in-between.

'Big two' is the new reality of the web offset landscape

Right. This. Really. Is. It. Surely we have now definitely reached the tipping point in the UK web offset market.

The APG 'newco' will have a hard time losing the 'P' tag

It's hardly surprising that many people have cried 'foul!' - or more specifically, 'phoenix!' - on the news that Centrical Technologies has risen from the ashes of the failed Alderson Print Group (APG).

Drupa's reprieve should be received with sigh of relief

Drupa's decision to stick to its four-year cycle has massive ramifications for the UK industry. In short, if it had moved to a three-year cycle, it would have been disastrous for our home show Ipex.

Lenders must find a happy medium to help SMEs grow

I'm sure many of you won't be surprised to read that the majority of SMEs have had their overdraft facilities reduced in the past 12 months.

Monday night showed just how rewarding print can be

There are times when, for all the right reasons, and in spite of some telling evidence to the contrary, things seem to be pretty good, actually, and Monday's PrintWeek Awards was the perfect example.

RTI means an up-to-date HR system is critical for all firms

Real Time Information (RTI) will be the biggest shake-up to Pay As You Earn (PAYE) since it was first set up back in 1944. Under RTI, employers will give tax and national insurance information (as well as details on any deductions) before or at the same time as they pay their employees, rather than at the end of the financial year as they do now.

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