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Borrowing crisis is not helped by media hype

The issue of finance is a hot topic right now, with virtually every news media outlet screaming: UK set for credit crunch. So, perhaps nows not the best time to focus on borrowing (p32). Or, perhaps, its the perfect time?

Directors, beware: the Companies Act will change the way you do business

Heard the one about the law with 1,300 sections and 16 schedules containing rules that come into force on 1 October? Well, its no joke and if you havent done so you should be looking at the Companies Act unless you want a punchline with the words fine and disqualification.

FFEI and Nilpeter partnership utilises past experiences to produce Caslon

I have previously written about the potential of hybrid printing and inkjet. At this months Labelexpo, there will be a significant product launch: Nilpeters Caslon colour inkjet unit, jointly developed with FFEI. I accepted the offer to take a look at...

An increasing fetish for offlish

My fondness for the English language is limitless. It is a precision instrument in competent hands and has a remarkable elasticity for expressing fresh ideas.

Pessimists: take heed of latest ONS figures

Breaking news the demand for print is actually rising.

Heritage at risk of being erased

Printing history is a subject of immense interest and importance to me. Sadly, I realise that most people in the trade do not share the enthusiasm. That is partially explained by the unimaginative state of industrial training that has prevailed for a generation or more. Additionally, the little instruction that does take place concentrates on narrower and immediate operational functions.

Cash is king and vital to keeping firms afloat

When it comes to keeping a business healthy, the old adage cash is king always springs to mind.

Rocketing inflation and a strong pound mean tough times for manufacturing

Theres no such thing as a certainty in economics, but if there was it would be that the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will raise interest rates at its meeting next week.

Canadian flexo & height charts

Joanne Gardner tracks down the solutions to your print problems

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