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Me & my: Duplo DC 745

It's fair to say that most children of around the age of five are not the greatest artists the world has seen. Houses tend to look like they are suffering heavy subsidence, people are bloated around the middle yet have limbs thinner than value wrapping paper and the colour scheme can be, well, experimental. Yet mothers and fathers dutifully stick these 'pictures' on the fridge and expect visitors to find some words of praise.

Me and my: Digital Information Preproofer

Taylor Bloxham's busy, buzzing sheetfed printing factory is a hive of activity - the facility operates 24/7 and can produce 17m A4 pages day.

Me & my: Canon imagePress C6010VP

Most people grumble about their commute to work when it's a 20-minute car journey down the local A-road. Keith D'Arcy Ryan, co-owner of Swindon-based Copy Colour, has to go a bit further than that: his permanent residence is in Sweden.

Me & my: Horizon BQ160

A three-floor, 200-year-old ex-bakery sat in the middle of a conservation area is probably not the first place you'd look for a print business. Yet 10 miles south of Cambridge in the village of Linton, this is exactly where you find Plumridge Print, a commercial printer that has been operating for more than 50 years printing everything from magazines to reports and accounts and catalogues.

Me & my: Heidelberg SM52 Anicolor

The first time Chris Murley, co-owner and director at Tyne and Wear-based PBL Print, saw the Heidelberg SM52 Anicolor in action, he walked away telling people "Not for me, that one."

Me & my: Hans Gronhi GH524

A lot has changed in the print industry since Wayne Yorath bought the previously family-owned Lanes Printers in 1990. The business he has been a part of since 1977 has remained in the commercial sector, printing from B1 down to B3, producing catalogues, journals and other general commercial work, but the way it operates has changed radically.

Me & my... Watkiss PowerSquare TM 200

As the old adage goes, 'If you want something doing, do it yourself.' This was certainly the logic employed by the Communications Workers Union (CWU) when it decided to purchase a Watkiss PowerSquare TM 200 stitcher, folder and trimmer to complement its in-house printing department.

Me & my... Screen PlateRite HD 8900S platesetter

To say that environmental issues are a high priority at Newnorth is something of an understatement.

Me & My... HP Scitex FB7500

Fosco has always been quick to move with the times to ensure its position as a strong performer, not unlike its new HP press, which has benefited from constant updates since it was launched

Me & my... Bobst Expertcut 106PER

When the installation of a new press meant that the finishing department was having trouble keeping up, Benson knew who to call

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