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Securing a net profit

The UK economy as a whole may seem at its lowest ebb thanks to the tide of boom and bust, but it looks as if nothing can burst the dotcom bubble of e-commerce. Online retail spend is set to rise 15% for the fourth quarter, according to e-retail industry...

Play the data game

Away from the bright lights and headline-grabbing launches of the big shows, new developments in MIS software could help to boost efficiency across the day-to-day running of your business

Everybody's talking about... diversification

Some printing companies are now providing added-value to their customers through diversifying their business model, which is more frequently including a range of non-print-related products and services. Should more firms start moving in this direction, and is print increasingly becoming the bolt-on product to other additional services?

The digital dust-up

Ever since the introduction of digital presses, debate has raged over digital and offset print and which work each technology is best suited to. With developments in inkjet printing, which showed great leaps forward at Drupa 2008, the technological landscape is becoming even more complicated. Could we see a future feud between the two digital cousins of toner and inkjet?

Building for the future

As the nature of print has evolved, the background processes and systems, such as workflow tools and MIS, have also matured, reflecting the increasingly complex nature of the output. Never has it been more necessary to replace the blanket term 'pre-press' with the multi-channel friendly moniker 'pre-media' to describe the building blocks behind output that can just as easily include online delivery as it does the traditional printed page.

Get print down to the letter

The added-value benefits of bringing the bindery in-house should be a well-known fact for the astute printer. So what's next? Entry-level inserting and mailing technology has never been so available and accessible, thanks to a bevy of new systems introduced...

Launching a crunch time profit plan

Talk to people about the current climate for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and you get a mixed message. The credit crunch and its impact on the print sector are serving in equal measure as spur and brake. Some ageing owner managers are looking at a tough market and thinking it's time to throw in the towel. Firms that want to continue are looking for ways to boost competitiveness, and many are deciding on acquisitions as one way to do so.

Roadmap to green logistics

You've probably heard of 'food miles'; well, 'print miles' will soon be central to a printer's business and environmental strategies. With oil prices soaring and environmental concerns increasingly figuring in buyers' demands, reducing the number print miles can boost revenue and help the environment. Print miles relate to every aspect of the print process, from suppliers to delivery and company cars, to staff getting to work, and they all add up.

Building a better digital model

Its been 15 years since Benny Landa, the founder of Indigo and pioneer of digital print, said: Anything that can go digital, will go digital. Print is no exception.

Automations missing letters

At Drupa 2004, the buzzword was JDF (or job definition format to the uninitiated). So much so that some industry pundits christened the show the JDF Drupa. The aim of JDFs backers was for the abbreviation to use the exhibition to establish its place in...

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