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When ROI matters direct mail delivers

In July, well before the peak autumn period, PrintWeek partnered with Konica Minolta to pull together some of the leading lights in direct mail and discuss some of the key challenges and opportunities in the sector.

Is clickable print finally set to take off?

This year, the number of smartphone users around the world is expected to hit 1.75bn. Currently, 88% of smartphone users use their phones to research an online purchase. And mobile use now accounts for 51% of time spent online.

Around the world in 8 prints

Print is constantly being challenged to push the boundaries of what’s possible to ensure that it maintains its key position in the marketing mix. As the following examples from the past 12 months show, printers worldwide are doing their bit to ensure the medium remains relevant.

Why printers need to get better at self-promotion

Doctors are notoriously bad at diagnosing themselves, while police officers and lawyers have been known to forget the law when it comes to their own actions. And so it should come as no surprise that printers often fail to market themselves as well as they could do.

A printer's roadmap for the communications landscape

Keeping up to speed with the latest developments in digital communications is no mean feat. Take your eye off the ball for just a short while and, as others enthuse knowledgeably - and perhaps a tad smugly - about 'automated marketing', 'software as a service,' and 'clickable paper', you can soon start to feel you've wandered into a mysterious foreign land.

Social firms work hard to be 'likeable'

Networking websites offer a low-cost way to improve sales performance and raise your profile.

Business inspection: Why rivals benefit from being friends

Peer-to-peer networking isn't about giving up trade secrets, but mutually useful interaction

Are your green successes rocking the main stage?

Printers could be forgiven for feeling, of late, a little bit like a small child being reluctantly thrust into the limelight of a school play or circle of expectant relatives.

Cross-media is a gamble: will you lose your shirt?

Data has been described as "the new oil" for the printing industry. If that's the case, then cross-media can perhaps be likened to a new gold rush.

An expertise in inline innovation

A creative approach to inline manufacturing has given this mailing house an edge

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