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60 seconds with Mail Handling International

Founders Paul Brown and Alex Lawson came to Bristol after leaving university. Paul spent a year working for a print finisher before setting up a mailing house which soon morphed into a global business. By 1998 the company had become a specialist in international mail.

60 seconds with Washington Direct Mail

Washington Direct Mail (WDM) started in 1983 and was originally created to handle print and merchandising for a car manufacturer’s dealerships. It then set up a mailing house arm and went on to add personalised digital printing, which has paid dividends. The past year has seen rapid growth off the back off the General Election and the focused pursuit of target marketing, with the addition of new machinery and staff.

60 seconds with Cumbria Mailing Services

CMS started in 1996 when a few rugby club friends started discussing a suggestion by current chairman, Tim Tucker, “over a round of bitter lemons”.

60 seconds with Kingsline

Kingsline was set up seven years ago in a converted milking parlour by David Saunders with the objective of offering a targeted bespoke mailing service. Since then it has developed into a full-service mailing company by combining skills and expertise from individuals with experience in client, supplier and agency sectors.

Q&A: Joseph Broadway, director of legal affairs, CFH Docmail

Joe has spend five of his 26 years in print, and when not relaxing in front of a mini-series with his partner and their white Westie Maisie, can mostly be found cycling – long hilly rides on his road bike, or the adrenaline rush of mountain biking.

60 seconds with RNB Group

Bob Rhodes and Ryan Metcalf joined forces to set up RNB Group nine years ago. The firm’s services span data processing, digital printing, laser printing, inkjetting, hand fulfilment, machine enclosing and polywrapping.

Q&A: Darren Lyall, mailing operations manager, GI Solutions

Hats off to Darren who has become the first student to complete the BPIF’s graduate management programme. Apart from a six-week stint doing something dull in another industry, Darren has been in print since he left school in 1987.

Q&A: Mark Farrimond MD, The Envelope Works & ACE Envelopes

Had things turned out differently Mark might have been taking on Ronnie O’Sullivan over the green baize. Instead, his maximum break came via a chance move into envelopes. He remains focused on winning margins.

Q&A: Dave Stones Group sales & marketing manager, Stirland Paterson

Dave has been in print for 18 years, and recently took up a new senior role at Nottingham’s Stirland Paterson Group in his “quest to make a difference and change the strategic future of the business”.

Q&A: John Fry, production director, B&D Print Services

Leaving school 37 years ago at the tender age of 15, John Fry joined Graphic House in Preston as an apprentice printer.

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