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Material concerns: what can take the place of polywrap?

It started with single-use carrier bags, then progressed to plastic straws, water bottles and food packaging.

Add to your hat collection to help you get ahead

Diversification: is it a buzz word we’ve become obsessed with or an unnecessary evil if a print business is to thrive beyond 2018?

Mail bias: how to deliver value in the digital age

Is there any item of stationery that is more familiar, and yet more often overlooked, than an envelope?

Improving outlook signals better DM weather ahead

Evidence that print is making something of a comeback, in the marketing sphere at least, continues to grow more and more convincingly.

Has print climbed back to the top of the media pile?

When television sets started to become ubiquitous in the aftermath of the Second World War people warned that they heralded the death knell for radio. When CDs were launched in the 1980s they were labelled “vinyl killers”.

Creating your own mailing super site

Setting up an entirely new factory, effectively from the starting point of a blank sheet of paper, is a luxury afforded to few print bosses and one that would be a dream for many.

Fresh-faced chic: reviving your identity

Consignia, New Coke and Choco Krispies are just three of many infamous attempts at rebranding over the years. While some companies ride out the storm that often accompanies major change, these three were so poorly received that Royal Mail, Coca-Cola and Coco Pops quickly reverted back to their previous guises.

Business inspection: Keep your eyes focused on the prize

With more than 20,000 orders a day and projected growth of 50% over the next year for its Docmail service, CFH Docmail handles a lot of mail for a lot of people. With that many customers relying on you day in day out, losing focus just isn’t an option.

Business inspection: A mail house in tune with clients’ needs

A vibrant printing and mailing business has now added an innovative B2C offering.

Small investments in finishing kit can open Olympic opportunities

As the industry, hopefully, begins to exit arguably the most horrific few years of its near 600-year history, printers that have survived the cull are faced with the problem of ensuring that, next time, they are better prepared. So while they pick through the debris they also have to think about future-proofing the business.

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