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Star product: Fujifilm Superia LH-S2

Fujifilm has developed this low-chemistry offset plate as a halfway step between processed and processless technologies.

Star product: Heidelberg Speedmaster CS 92

A compact, high-efficiency SRA1 press.

Star product: Heidelberg Speedmaster CX 75

Heidelberg’s lower-cost option in the Speedmaster line-up.

Star product: Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102

Heidelberg's high-volume, flexible general purpose simplex offset press.

Star product: Heidelberg Prinect packaging print workflow

System is integrated from pre-press to press production

Star product: Heidelberg Prinect Image Control

The latest offline Speedmaster-dedicated spectrophotometer ramps up the speeds.

Product of the week: Manroland 700 HiPrint HS

It's unusual for B1 presses and fluttering eyelashes to be mentioned in the same sentence. Yet Manroland chose to use an analogy involving 'the world's most attractive eyelashes' when lauding the latest addition to its venerable 700 range, the Roland 700 HiPrint HS.

MAN Roland Ultima 700

Luxury packaging is a buoyant market. Largely untouched by the ravages of commoditisation that have such a stranglehold in the commercial sector, packaging printers have protected their margins effectively against falling run lengths and shorter turnaround...

MAN Roland 700 DirectDrive

MAN Rolands latest contender in the short-run market was given the kind of launch usually reserved for a Formula One car a darkened room with strobe lights and the machine hidden under covers. Once the wraps came off, the 700 DirectDrive press was revealed and MAN Roland started to shout about it.

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