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Bells and whistles litho can take on short-run digital

In the quarter century or so that digital colour presses have been around, most of the debate has been about if, how, and when they would take over from ‘conventional’ printing processes.

Has fixed-palette come of age at last?

A quarter century has passed since serious proposals were first made for six- and seven-colour process sets to replace the need for spot colour inks.

Souped-up offset delivers digi-beating performance

Conventional wisdom says that digital is the best way to go for short-run and quick-turnaround work.

Business inspection: United we stand

Finding ‘the one’ can be tough. Digital tools like Tinder make casual hook-ups easy, however if you want a more deep and meaningful relationship, it’s often someone in your circle of friends that proves to be the perfect match. It’s less about sparks flying and more about a shared sensibility that can grow into something strong and long lasting.

Business inspection: Serving a chic and unique client base

To make the most of its specialist talents Pressision has branched out into fashion.

Business inspection: Printer turns publisher to boost service

Becoming a magazine publisher enabled KPM to offer clients a broader marketing approach.

Business inspection: Get a flying start in a new direction

The ability to adapt to a changing market can be vital to ongoing success, as Alphaset found.

Business inspection: Transferable skills master new markets

Concentrating on core capabilities was key to Victoria Litho’s expansion into new sectors.

Business: Can ganging turn your downtime into profit?

Using excess litho capacity to print several short-run jobs at once, sounds a good way to make your presses earn their keep, but making it work for everyone has, so far, been less simple

Technology: Second litho revolution puts offset back in the spotlight

Digital may be the more glamourous option for the modern printer, but high performance never goes out of fashion - and the latest advances in litho offer both style and substance

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