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Informa's bad news won't necessarily impact visitors

A belated happy new year to you all - although I suspect the popping of Champagne corks at Ipex HQ was muted by the news of further major no-shows at next year's event.

Heidelberg blow struck Ipex hard, but the show goes on

As hard as I try, it's difficult to put a positive spin on Heidelberg's decision to withdraw from Ipex.

Ipex's woes reflect the state of the global print industry

Inkjet Ipex, Nano Ipex or Excel Ipex? The show may still be two years away but so many column inches have been devoted to it already that we may as well start trying to come up with a suitable epithet.

Only shows offering a 'total experience' are worthwhile

Gone are the days when a trade show was just about companies wanting to publicise their products or sell more widgets - or even having the luxury of a few days to network with fellow, like-minded business people.

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