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Funding difficulties leave printers asking if scheme is viable

With the government continuing to pump money into the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) faster than it can be spent by either the BIS or the intermediaries through which the vast majority of funds are distributed, it is perhaps surprising to learn that the scheme is becoming less and less generous, to the point that some printers are now turning their backs on what is ostensibly free money.

Improving outlook tempts printers to re-equip and diversify

Positivity is in the air. Unemployment is at a four-year low, the economy is beginning to gain traction (the Office for Budget Responsibility expects economic growth to reach 2.4% this year) and with it there appears to be an uplift in business confidence.

Green shoots prompt investment in leaner, meaner sector

Infinity Finishing was one of the lucky ones, but just how lucky only time will tell. The business started in mid October, but unlike many would-be start-ups, this one was made possible with a loan from an unlikely source - a high-street bank.

As Konica buys Charterhouse, print asks: is this the future?

Firms once solely regarded as manufacturers are branching out into services, with mergers and acquisitions often enabling the move. But is it wise?

ING's withdrawal: how can print fill the void left behind?

The firm's decision to pull out of UK asset finance has left a gap in the print sector that could be worth around 170m. The question is: what now?

A bumpy ride for the industry: 2011's good and bad news

Perhaps the biggest news came late in 2011: the administration one of the world's largest press manufacturers. But this was not the only earth-shattering story covered by PrintWeek. We look back on the news - good and bad - that made 2011 one of the most tumultuous years in recent memory.

Will eurozone crisis impact Drupa 2012 investment plans?

The past year has been defined by bail-outs, debt and contraction across the eurozone, which has adversely affected business and consumer confidence.

Is there a simple blueprint for a successful print business?

For many medium-sized UK print businesses, today's commercial landscape is very different to the one that existed 10 or 15 years ago. And indeed, today's businesses have also changed significantly - and continue to do so.

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