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Tech with the magic touch that'll make you go 'OOH': the power of NFC

Near-field technology has the potential to revolutionise the way consumers interact with advertising and marketing materials - and printers have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor

Making memories with image capture: the power of photo products

Photo products are proving hugely popular with consumers and, more recently, businesses, looking to encapsulate a moment in time

Me & my... Heidelberg Speedmaster SX 74

Sold on the reliability and performance it has experienced from Heidelberg presses, EVC knew where to go when it needed an upgrade

Prime Minister says industry should be more Germanic

David Cameron has said manufacturers in the UK need to learn lessons from Germany, after industry output in the UK reached its lowest level in 20 years.

Trying to measure the unmeasurable: substrate management

The world of paper management is a tricky one, but with a little more openness within the printing industry, these hurdles could be overcome

Sponsor's statement: Grant Thornton

At Grant Thornton we combine award-winning technical expertise with the intuition, insight and confidence gained from our extensive sector experience and a deep understanding of our clients.

Bijou business must play to its strengths: the benefit of micro-businesses

Small firms account for 99% of all UK companies and make up the back bone of British enterprise, but they are vulnerable to economic turmoil and must be agile and swift to capitalise on new opportunities

Wear your print with pride: the prominence of T-shirt printing

It is tricky to capitalise on, but T-shirt printing is a burgeoning market. If you get it right, the rewards will be there for all to see

Killer app: Weedon PSC gets box clever with TV vet Joe Inglis

Weedon PSC worked with TV vet Joe Inglis to develop on-shelf packaging for his Vet's Kitchen natural pet foods.

Food fuels a clear strategy for growth: Polyprint business inspection

Breaking into the food packaging market made tough demands on Polyprint, but it has revitalised the firm and helped ensure its survival

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