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MBO B series

The MBO B series was originally developed for the North American finishing market in 1982. A quality folder was required and the German manufacturer created a machine that had the strength and reliability to fit this standard.

Moll Pocket Folder

To call a product that you sell as an "odd-ball" machine is certainly not the most conventional introduction. However, this is how Moll Equipment director Chris Wells describes the Moll Pocket Folder. "It is called a folder, but it is actually a former because it forms pre-scored material into pockets," he says.

MBO T800

A replacement of the T700 folder, the MBO T800, was launched in 1998 to enable faster buckle folding and reduce marking. Friedheim's national sales manager for post-press products, Stuart Bamford, explains: "It was a new concept back then and still stands out today due to its unique feeder system. The Vivas system has greatly improved the throughput of sheets on the folder."

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