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Me & My: Yawa TDS-750

Changing demands have always driven investment at Cliftons and growing requests for foiling prompted this very successful purchase.

Me & my: GMP Q-Topic 380 and Sleeking

With no particular ballyhoo, foiling has become a lot easier in the past year or two. Standard thermal laminators have been modified to apply hot foils.

Me & my: Kluge EHF

Ding, ding! All aboard! Plenty more space, move along down the bus please. An old London Routemaster bus is the most unusual thing on Alpha Colour Printers’ kit list. And it was all aboard in the finishing department when the firm decided to insource foiling, die-cutting and embossing a few years back, which led it to invest in another slightly unusual bit of kit, a Kluge EHF platen.

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