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Killer app: Service Graphics delivers an ‘Altered’ view of icons

Boxpark in Shoreditch – well known among London’s trendy types for its pop-up shops – is playing host to pop-up print this month. Artist Yoni Alter has taken the top spot, literally, at the big banner site across the top of the shops, with his eye-popping and traffic-stopping art.

Killer app: Rider turns to pyromania for Print Club exhibition

Trendy asymmetric haircuts, thick-rimmed glasses and more beards than you can shake a, um, razor blade at – there’s no mistaking a Blisters screen print exhibition.

Harwood King Fine Art in double Canon buy

Fine art screen printer Harwood King Fine Art Studio has invested around £10,000 in Canon iPF 8400 and Canon iPF 815 large-format machines to boost its quality and colour accuracy.

Killer app: PressOn dazzles with ship wrap for WWI centenary

It looks, when you spot it over the river from London’s South Bank, like a piece of cutting-edge modern art. And indeed it is. But the abstract patterns now adorning the HMS President warship in fact have a one hundred year legacy behind them.

Comic book fans celebrate a long and colourful history

The words ‘comic book’ bring for most a fairly specific image to mind. Or rather two specific images: superheroes of the Marvel and DC Comics ilk exploding thrillingly across the page, and cheeky tykes like Dennis the Menace entertaining the kids.

Killer app: Dekkle helps highlight plight of endangered apes

Did you know there were only 880 mountain gorillas left in the world? Probably not. This was a shocking figure brought home all the more powerfully by the latest ‘Project Hangup’ exhibition, entitled ‘Tragically, a Limited Edition’. The exhibition, held at Major Players gallery in London, and in partnership with paper merchant Antalis, displayed 880 mountain gorilla linocut prints.

New printmaking competition launched

A new printmaking competition has been launched by the Royal Society of Painter-Printermakers, with the aim of promoting the best of printmaking to a wider audience.

Fringe benefits

The year is 1947 and eight plucky theatre groups have turned up uninvited to the inaugural Edinburgh International Festival, established to “provide a platform for the flowering of the human spirit” in the wake of the Second World War. These eight groups are determined to bring their own, more alternative, brand of theatre to the crowds.

Print enables inspiration to take flight

You can almost touch them. In fact you can almost feel just how satisfying it was to make them. Admiring this year’s Power of Print cover’s origami cranes, you’re instantly connected with the appeal of crafting something, of holding something unique, tangible and tactile in your hands.

Screen time is not just a passing fad

That’s the problem with a trend. By its very nature it’s an obsession with the very latest new thing. Great while it lasts, there’s also the inevitable moment when you question why you ever thought wearing dungarees and a backwards cap, or filling your house floor to ceiling with ironic taxidermy, was the only way to go.

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