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Staff perks can be mutually beneficial

While signs that the UK economy is beginning to demonstrate sustainable growth are clearly welcome, most printers are still too conscious of the need to control costs to welcome the idea of stumping up for additional employee benefits. Indeed, this was never an area the industry excelled in even before the economic downturn.

Print presents designed to make an impression

Do you need that special something for the print fanatic in your life? Well, look no further – PrintWeek’s essential gift guide will help you find print-related goodies to suit all tastes and budgets.

Business inspection: Achieving a carbon-free operation

Going green is more than just a tick-box exercise for this end-to-end postal business.

Still going strong: superannuated kit can still be super

Of most importance to the majority of printers today? Undoubtedly keeping up with the ever-quickening march of technological change. Most, that is, but not quite all.

Boxing clever: how internet sales are repackaging retail

Originally the rapid growth of online sales didn’t seem that startling. It was, after all, coming from a very low base, so annual double-digit percentage growth didn’t seem that remarkable. But even at the height of the recession, when bricks-and-mortar retailers were feeling the pinch, online sales continued to soar spectacularly.

Business inspection: Performing at the gold standard

Overhauling performance management cemented this company’s commitment to staff.

Smart kit for eco-friendly operations

Talk of becoming more environmentally friendly and energy efficient can conjure up somewhat daunting images for printers. Becoming the proud owner of swathes of solar panels or a rolling wind farm all sounds great in theory, but won’t be within everyone’s budgets.

Ink makers pledge: you can have it all

The favourite phrase of mums everywhere: ‘you can’t have everything’. Or sometimes: ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it.’ Until recently this was also a favourite of wide-format kit vendors, in relation to ink choice.

Business inspection: Transferable skills master new markets

Concentrating on core capabilities was key to Victoria Litho’s expansion into new sectors.

Tunnel visionaries prosper from print

What harbours woodpeckers, deer, bats and newts, has been used to house British Museum treasures and war-time government offices, and costs £500 per hour to film? The answer: London’s iconic Underground network.

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