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Get your site right and watch your business take off

Websites that convert potential customers into actual customers are essential in today’s marketplace – if yours doesn’t, your rivals’ might.

Have we binned our commitment to recycled paper?

Recycling is something we all do so naturally now that we barely stop to think about it. All of us have at least two bins in our driveways, if not three or four, and we are far more conscious of the need to reduce, reuse and recycle our waste than at any other time in human history.

Perfect bindings: love across the industry

Eyes meeting over five-colour presses, late nights spent discussing the finer points of colour calibration – who knew print could be such an aphrodisiac? And yet plenty of folk in print seem to have met their other halves on the job. Or are somehow managing the incredible feat of staying besotted with them despite the stresses of running a business together.

Printers in all sorts of unusual places

How fast does your factory travel? What do you do with the excess hay? Who feeds the deer? Perhaps not the sorts of queries your average printer has to face, but for some they are part of the working day

Temporary staff: the benefits of a helping hand

Leaner times mean smaller headcounts and, in many cases, that means hiring in temps to help cope with peak periods, but there are pitfalls to watch out for

Business inspection: customer focus interviews

In a drive to offer top-end service, Elanders turned to its toughest critics

How brand designers can learn from the social scene

Business stationery printers looking to create stand-out products are increasingly taking their cues from the world of high-end social stationery

Conversing with 'strange and marvellous voices'

One of the greatest attributes of print is its universal appeal and to highlight this, we reached out to the great and the good to ask about their favourites

Jubilympics year boosts profile but green message fades

The summer's high-spending events have certainly proved that print has a significant role to play, in spite of hype around digital advances, but the industry could do more to sell itself as a green medium

Festive wish list: All I want for Christmas is...

Sick of receiving the same old same-old from your nearest and dearest? Then why not take advantage of PrintWeek's seasonal gift guide. Simply print out this feature, put a big ring around the item you desire and leave it lying around the house so that your loved one picks up on the subtle hint...

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