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Tinkerers in search of the eureka moment

Print’s best-known eureka moment came more than 550 years ago, when Johannes Gutenberg figured out a way to print books using moveable type and a press based on the sort of screw press used for making wine.

DC-rider: driving innovation

In years to come, when we’re getting from A to B in Back to the Future-style floating cars, 2014 may well be remembered fondly as the year that the electric vehicle finally came of age.

Star product: Taopix

Software designed for personalised photo gifts.

3D technology – a model future for print?

Suddenly, all of your customers have become 3D print customers. At least in principle. On 16 January, Adobe added 3D printing support to Photoshop Creative Cloud, which is already used by pretty well all of the conventional 2D printing industry and most of its clients. Now some 1.4m Adobe CC users have 3D printing capability, whether they use it or not.

One-shot wonders zero in on bullseye

Will digital printing technology ever truly dominate the industry? It’s a question never far from the minds of printers and the titles of exhibition seminar schedules. But it is one which is generally accepted to be more contentious and sensational than its answer of ‘maybe, but probably not’.

Use numbers to fine tune performance

We live in an age where highly automated machines have taken most of the guess work out of manufacturing. But despite hitting new heights of sophistication, the latest generation of machines are not infallible.

Dates for your diary: why tech TLC goes a long way

Okay, so it’s honesty time: can you truthfully say that you have completed every scheduled maintenance process on every machine in your print business on the day and at the time it was scheduled? Do you even have a schedule?

Forecasting the future fortunes of print tech

A new year, a new technology landscape, potentially, for printers to get their heads around. So what should printers be keeping their eyes on?

B2C photobook production platforms put to the test

Who’d have thought that, along with Xbox Ones, PS4s and iPad Minis, one of the most popular gifts come Christmas Day 2013 would be something much more traditional – the humble photo. Or rather the humble photo transformed into an attractive, hardwearing and thoughtfully collated photobook.

Ink makers pledge: you can have it all

The favourite phrase of mums everywhere: ‘you can’t have everything’. Or sometimes: ‘you can’t have your cake and eat it.’ Until recently this was also a favourite of wide-format kit vendors, in relation to ink choice.

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