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EU initiative cannot become 'gold plating' by regulators

It has long been recognised that trees are an environmental 'good'. They act as a carbon capture and storage system and the expansion of forestry in Europe has led to many more trees being planted than harvested. By signing up to one of two chains of...

Don't let the WWF spoil your Christmas break

There I was, gently filling up with Christmas cheer, a warm glow of yuletide anticipation spreading through my bones, and then I come across a seemingly harmless press release from a respected environmental body and 'goodwill to all men' suddenly seems a distant memory.

Talking Business: Signing up to PAS 2020 will help DM to junk public's unfavourable perceptions

Transforming direct marketing (DM) into a sustainable industry is a challenging task. Coupled with the consumer's perceptions of 'junk mail' and wasted communication, the direct mail industry has a tough challenge on its hands.

There's no better time than now to 'go green'

You could be forgiven for thinking that the tough trading conditions of the past couple of years have justifiably pushed the environment down most printers' agenda.

Print and paper can lead the way in the post-COP15 quest for a greener world

By the time you read this article, the dust will be settling on COP15, the crucial climate change summit in Copenhagen.

Print needs to defend itself against eco charges in a simpler, less technical way

I was working with the corporate responsibility committee of one of my clients recently, a very well-known brand involving global manufacturing, distribution and sales. We were brain storming new initiatives that we could work on to develop the next stage of their strategy and asking what the next priorities might be.

Now online's eco impact is understood, print has a very compelling story to tell

This month, I would like to issue a challenge to PrintWeek readers. Everyone is talking about what they need to do to improve their corporate responsibility credentials and improve the sustainability of production practices; the print industry already has a lot to shout about, so why doesn't it fight its corner better in terms of its CSR profile?

Expect the eco debate to heat up

The government has ambitious plans to cut carbon emissions by 60% by 2050. With the cost of environmental levies and checks set to rise in the coming years, what does a company need to know and how can it prepare for a possible expansion of government measures?

Make savings with green action

Printers want to save money and also work to sound environmental beliefs. It's possible to do both, and save significant amounts.

How to... minimise your environmental impact

Minimise CO2 emissions from deliveries by optimising  delivery schedules. Try to implement a ‘full in, full out’ logistics policy, by returning empty pallets for re-use or the collection of raw materials...

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