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Drupa: 'the industry changed our minds'

Manufacturers and rival shows breathed a sigh of relief this week after Drupa bowed to industry pressure and stated that it would stick to its four-year cycle, following a meeting of its 20-strong committee last Friday (2 November).

Big three reveal Drupa stances

The three highest profile exhibitors from this year's Drupa have revealed their stances on the possibility of the show moving to a three-year cycle.

Ipex won't be fazed by talk of three-year Drupa cycle

The three-year Drupa of the 1970s was mooted several years ago during my time as chief executive of Picon.

Autobond to donate postcards at Olympics

Autobond has revealed that some of the 7m religious postcards it finished on its stand at Drupa will be handed out during the Olympics by Christian organisations including the Salvation Army.

Even if Nanography is years away, the show is still a hit

The curious case of the Landa Nanographic presses continues to baffle and excite in equal measure. Having attended one of Benny Landa's five daily theatre presentations at Drupa, I can see what the excitement is about. There are dancers, drummers, contraptions that blow giant smoke rings at the audience, and print's own Steve Jobs, Benny Landa himself, not to mention two huge touchscreens beaming out at the auditorium.

Drupa songs find a superfan

Is Fujifilm's Mark Stephenson the ultimate superfan when it comes to the Drupa song?

'We're the leader in B2 digital': a Red Sofa interview with Fujifilm Europe's Ryuta Masui

Fujifilm Europe senior vice-president Ryuta Masui talks to Darryl Danielli

Kimoha counts on Xeikon for short runs

A Dubai-based labelmaker has invested 800,000 in Xeikon technology to bring what it claimed was the first digital label press to the Middle East.

Four Pees shows tie-ins

International sales and marketing specialist Four Pees (Hall 7, stand D13) from Belgium is presenting proprietary products and solutions by its partner companies Axaio and Twixl Media at Drupa.

Henkel in Smart move

Henkel (Hall 14, stand B04) has strengthened its portfolio of bookbinding adhesives with the launch of the Smart Control automatic monitoring system, Purmelt MicroEmission adhesives and adhesives for binding of books-on-demand in digital.

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