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Overmatter: sock it to them

Overmatter is well aware that the trend for all things personalised shows no sign of abating. You only need to read the Briefing article on page eight of this very issue to see evidence of that.

Overmatter: star turn

What better way to celebrate the installation of the UK’s first Fujifilm Jet Press 720S B2 sheetfed inkjet press than by having a legendary rugby player pop in to cut the ribbon?

Overmatter: The Daily Towel

Newspapers used to be described as ‘tomorrow’s chip paper’ back in the day when it was okay to repurpose this plentiful printed matter down at the local chippie.

Reader Reaction: How should kit manufacturers interact with end-users?

Heather Kendle, sales and marketing director, Inca Digital "Inca Digital customers within the print industry mostly have strong, direct relationships with agencies and buyers and, on the whole, do a fantastic...

Reader Reaction: Will newspaper publishers be able to cash in on digital?

Gareth Williams, Newspaper Club "Digital print allows us to offer runs as short as five copies at an economical price. And we’re planning to offer single copies soon. Small runs are proving more and more...

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