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Me & My... Kodak SE3000 NexPress

Terry Hannam, managing director of Synergie Group, tells Jon Severs why this digital press's dimensional ink work is the ace in his company's pack

Me & My... Screen Truepress Jet1600UV-F

Rod Fisher, managing director of Print-Leeds, explains to Jon Severs how this large-format inkjet has made short-run lenticular jobs cost-effective

Me & My... Fastbind Fotomount

Mike Waterfall, director of Creative Print Solutions, describes how this machine is helping his firm offer high-value photobook products

Me & my: InfoPrint 5000

Martyn Viquerat, director of document solutions at Transactis, tells how this machine is helping his firm to better serve its clients.

HP Designjet L25500

High quality display graphics are the forte of this HP machine as Gavin Bromley, technical support manager at Signs Express, tells Tim Sheahan

Konica Minolta C5501

Roddy Darroch, owner of Paisley-based Visual Imaging, tells Anna Jackson that when he decided to offer high-quality smaller-format work, this machine fitted the bill perfectly

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