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Always sweat the small stuff

Ding! Ding! Digital versus litho, round... Erm... Not sure anymore.

Xerox is determined to meet challenges head on

In around 12 weeks’ time a new force in digital printing will be born: Xerox Corporation.

Inkjet exit may help Kodak prosper

Kodak’s decision to offload its Prosper division, at first glance at least, seems a little bizarre.

DM screening will offer real benefits for some printers

Having followed its development over the past three years, I recently had the opportunity to evaluate Hamillroad's DM screening technology, which will be available as ECRM DMS at Drupa, running on both violet and thermal CTP plates. I studied real-life...

Buzzing Fespa a mirror to a sector hungry for new ideas

Having just returned from Fespa Digital in Hamburg, where the PrintWeek team produced the show's daily newspaper, I was reminded of the difference between a so-so show and a great event: the engagement of the visitors.

Digital print technology has revitalised the book sector

In the past four weeks, the cover of PrintWeek has borne witness to some serious digital investment in the book sector - last month it was CPI UK and this week MPG.

Technically Speaking: We may live in the age of digital, but analogue still rules the roost in print

In the US, the Printing Industry Market Information and Research Organisation (PRIMIR) is about to release a research study on the impact of digital printing.

High-speed digital web is the fastest-moving and most exciting print sector

It seems that almost half of all digital print announcements today are on high-speed inkjet web printers. This is not a complete surprise as these devices represent an impressive technical feat. Their speeds surpass the more established toner printing systems by a factor of 10. This is all down to the use of page-wide inkjet, which a few years ago was dismissed because it was not economically feasible to produce and use.

The B2-format digital press is finally a reality but is there still a market for it?

For a long time, the B2-format sheetfed digital press has represented a Holy Grail for press manufacturers; something elusive that must be quested after. In the 1990s, Indigo (in its pre-HP days) regularly...

Continuous-feed inkjet needs to be better understood to boost uptake

At the moment, little has happened to persuade printers in the graphic arts and publishing markets to adopt continuous-feed inkjet colour presses.

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