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Print is feeling powerful once again

This issue of PrintWeek is largely dedicated to celebrating the power of print.

Quark poised to build on history of innovation after private equity acquisition

As the software giant moves into the next phase of its development after its recent acquisition by Platinum Equity, print technology consultant Andrew Tribute takes a look at the history of a firm that changed the face of print and publishing.

The Olympic sport of logo bashing

Nothing equals a new logotype for fomenting public outrage. Arguably, the disquiet that greeted the introduction of the logo for the London Olympic Games was unprecedented in its venom and immediacy. As 400,000 of public money has been expended on the branding, I guess the right to criticise cannot be denied.

Demand for designers will not die

If pressed to identify the two most glamorous occupations in the graphic arts, I would be inclined to nominate those of a designer and of a salesman.

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